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Scholars disagree over EU’s lack of transparency (or maybe not…)


A bit misleading title: Catherine Titi and I agree that the EU’s current level of transparency in trade and investment negotiations is quite satisfactory – in Macau Daily Times, 19 May 2017.


Direito do Investimento, a Arbitragem de Investimentos e a nova Política Comercial da União Europeia


During the next week I will be visiting the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto in the framework of the Merging Voices – Erasmus + program. On 16 May I will be delivering a lecture (in Portuguese) titled ‘Direito do Investimento, a Arbitragem de Investimentos e a nova Política Comercial da União Europeia‘ (Investment Law, Investment Arbitration and the new Commercial Policy of the European Union).



Images: Universidade do Porto

My suggestions for Amendments to the ICSID Arbitration Rules on Amicus Curiae intervention


A few months ago, the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) invited the public to make suggestions for amendments to its Arbitration Rules. The ICSID Secretariat has now published these comments, including my suggestions on an amendment of the rules on amicus curiae intervention. My contribution – titled ‘Myopic Amici? The Participation of Non-disputing Parties in ICSID Arbitration’ – will also be published soon in the North Carolina Journal of International Law.

The European Union’s Common Commercial Policy after Lisbon

FRC 10.05.2017

On 10 May I will be at the Rui Cunha Foundation with Catharine Titi (French National Centre for Scientific Research and University of Burgundy, France) discussing the European Union’s Common Commercial Policy after Lisbon. Dr. José Sales Marques will be moderating the debate.

Here is a synopsis:

Until December 2009, the conclusion of international trade and investment agreements was a competence of the Member States of the European Union (EU). However, with the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, this competence passed from the Member States to the EU, entailing a new balance of powers between the European Commission, the European Parliament, and national parliaments. The EU’s new competence has been raising significant debate among scholars and civil society, with some accusing the EU’s policymaking process of lacking transparency. The speakers will provide an overview of the EU’s investment policy, analyse the controversy surrounding international treaties such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and discuss its potential impact on agreements currently under negotiation such as the EU-China Bilateral Investment Treaty.

New article: ‘When Green Incentives Go Pale: Investment Arbitration and Renewable Energy Policymaking ‘

When Green.jpg

My latest article, titled ‘When Green Incentives Go Pale: Investment Arbitration and Renewable Energy Policymaking‘, has been published in the  Denver Journal of International Law and Policy, vol. 45(2), pp. 251-285. The article is available on HeinOnline.