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Sino-Lusophone Commercial Arbitration: two worlds meet in Macau



This Saturday I will be presenting a paper at the Third East Asian Law & Society Conference, at KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in Shangai. The paper is entitled: Sino-Lusophone Commercial Arbitration: two worlds meet in Macau.

Here is the abstract: One of the most meaningful paths of China’s economic and diplomatic “charm offensive” is the promotion of high-level contacts with Portuguese-speaking countries. China is well aware of the potentialities which derive from the use of the Portuguese language as a means of strategic projection. Macau plays a matchless role in the promotion of economic and trade cooperation between China and the “Lusophone World”. In 2010, during the third Ministerial Conference of the ‘Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries’, the Ministers agreed to analyse the comparative advantages of Macau in the knowledge of Chinese and Portuguese-speaking legal systems, promoting Macau as
one of the venues for arbitration regarding eventual disputes concerning trade between Chinese and Portuguese-Speaking entrepreneurs. In our paper we shall discuss the comparative advantages and weaknesses of Macau as a seat for commercial
arbitration between entrepreneurs from China and Portuguese-speaking countries. We shall also analyse the challenges faced by Mainland China, Macau and Portuguese-Speaking countries when trying to stimulate commercial arbitration between two such different worlds, with different cultures and legal systems.


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