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Product liability, lawyers and advertising


The product liability law firm of ESTEY BOMBERGER (http://www.estey-bomberger.com) has filed a lawsuit against Skechers USA, Inc. on behalf of 37 plaintiffs that suffered serious injuries as a result of wearing the Skechers Shape-ups and Tone-ups shoes. The lawsuit states that the toning shoes, most easily identified by their pronounced “rocker bottom” sole, have been on the market for several years, and advertised to provide countless health benefits including improved cardiac function and orthopedic benefits. Read more here.


Product liability is a very important matter, and also a very profitable one. This kind of advertising would never be allowed in Europe, for different reasons. Firstly, and as a general rule, lawyers are not allowed to entitle themselves as “specialists” in a certain legal area. Secondly, lawyers are not allowed to “seek” clients in such an appellative manner. It is also interesting to notice the “no victory no fees” policy – traditionally this is not accepted in Continental Europe. The United States are, indeed, a very litigious society and have a completely different approach regarding the legal profession and its ethics.


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