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Chinese food safety improving


A foreign woman chooses fruits at a supermarket in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province. Wang Chun for China Daily

Things may well be changing in China concerning food safety. Here are three articles on China Daily addressing the efforts made to improve Chinese food safety and quality:

“Loose monitoring leads to illegal food”

“Seek lasting food safety”

“Execs study food safety in Europe”

 Of course that loose regulation and monitoring lead to the production and sale of fake and harmful food and drugs. It is unacceptable for a supermarket to rewrite the manufacturing date and put expired food back onto shelves, instead of immediately destroying it. Chinese food providers can learn a lot from their European and American counterparts in improving food safety and sustainability. Food safety is becoming an increasingly discussed issue in China, after reports of melamine-contaminated milk products, rice contaminated with cadmium, sulfur steamed ginseng and dyed bread, to name a few. Economic development should not be achieved at any cost. Trust is a two-way street and both providers and consumers can benefit from a safer journey.


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